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Reviews from our Customers
John C. 
9/30/2016, 3:21 PM

Dwayne and his team were tremendous. They answered all my questions and gave me the honest truth. Even the stuff I didn't want to hear. It is good to see that good old fashioned craftsmanship is still around (but fleeting in our day and age). Also, I was thinking about buying the 22kW at Home Depot but when I saw Dwayne technicians lifting the 525 pound generator out of the truck, I quickly realized that this is NO Do it Yourself project. You need the right tools, equipment and experience to install a generator properly. Great job all round on the generator. Dana and I were away for 5 days last week and she was so glad to know that leaving home did not leave her vulnerable to power outages and the resulting damages. And of course the Canadian economy is also safe from collapse now that the home offices of John C. Worldwide Enterprises will never shut down due to a shortage of power. LOL

Thanks Again, John C. King City, ON

 5/14/16, 4:24 PM

First Power was excellent. They know their stuff forsure. I have had 4 generators (at other properties I own) by other companies. They don't know half what Dwayne's team knows. I had two other quotes from other companies and lets say the other companies dishonesty and lack of product knowledge was unsettling and I think they are a bunch of used car salemen looking for a quick score. First Power is in it for the long run and provided me great value for the money. Thank you for a great job.

Tony T.  Innisfil ON
9/12/14, 5:54 PM

Hi Dwayne, Thank goodness for the power backup system. Last Friday night we had a dinner party with 3 other couples and the power went out. It was out for over 12 hours. The generator started up automatically and within 10 seconds we had power again. It ran flawlessly all night and turned itself off automatically. Great System! I slept like a baby that night NOT worrying about my sump pump. No chance of a flood with this power backup system. Thanks Again - Neil

Neil   Sharon, ON
3/17/14  2:31 PM

Dwayne I meant to contact you regarding the Easter weekend. We lost power around 10:00 pm Thursday evening and it did not come back on until Friday night around the same time. I was so happy to have the generator. There was absolutely no interruption in our life. No having to haul water up from the pond for the horses. Everything clicked in almost immediately. Other than the sweet hum of the generator we would never have known we were without hydro. This is truly an investment worth every penny. Definite peace of mind living in the country.

Steve   Queensville, ON
Mr. Bee 
02/06/2017, 9:21 AM

First Power was terrific.  I couldn't believe all the moving parts with installing a generator for my farm.  From ESA to Delivery to the Propane connection, Dwayne and Randy handled everything.  All I did was to write a cheque. When Dwayne did the transfer test and I saw for myself the generator was running my house, it was such as relief!!!  I wish I had done this 15 years ago.  I don't know why I waited.  I didn't have to live without power for 2 days last month.  It was cold and horrible for those 2 days without power.

I highly recommend First Power Generators.


Mr. Bee
North Queensville, ON
Mr. Chan
01/12/2017, 2:34 PM

My first power outage with a First Power Generator.  Everything is working just like the power didn't go out.  Can't believe it.  I am actually writing this email on my desktop computer and sending it through wifi.   My sump pump just worked and I am not bailing water out of it like I have done so many times in the middle of the night.  This is GREAT!!!!!!!  Thank you First Power.  


Mr. Chan
Unionville, ON

PS - I do feel guilty that my neighbours don't have power but at least I am not worried about my basement flooding.  Mixed emotions.
On the left is a screenshot of a text message between Ron (Mr. Bee) and myself this year in 2017.  
Above is a photo of the finished job at Ron's farm house.  There will be no more 2+++ days power outages here.  Enjoy!!!
Mr. Joy
01/28/2017, 11:23 AM

We are leaving for a 4 week family vacation in early February.  Two weeks ago our basement flooded due to a power failure.  First Power was the only generator company to get our generator installed in 12 days (we signed the contract on Jan. 16, 2017) AND they had the best price and service.  Thanks so much for a stress free family vacation.

First Power Generators was great!


Caledon, ON
Mr. Sanders
02/23/2017, 9:56 PM

This was a very tough placement - uphill with a 550 lbs. 22kW.  Randy and Dwayne were amazing.  Rolling the generator uphill for 25 feet.  We loose power for long durations 2-3 times per year.  It is great knowing that we are protected for over 20 years against anything that Mother Nature and Hydro One throws at us.  The government can no longer protect us.  Protect yourself first.

I highly recommend First Power Generators.


Mr. Sanders
Erin, ON
Dr. Chambers
02/27/2017,  3:47 PM

Thanks Dwayne, Randy and Cathy at First Power Generators for handling all the complicated parts of this install.  It went seamless and I had to do almost nothing.  My tennants are extremely happy now that they have backup power and can keep their staff and patients operating as normal as if the power hadn't gone out.  Keep up the good work.

Thank You,

Dr. Noel Chambers
Pefferlaw, ON
Anita May 9, 2017 1:39pm

Hi Dwayne - thanks again for such a great and smoothly run installation of our generator! You are very organized and everything is obviously planned out to every detail which is wonderful. We will be happy to recommend you to all our clients, family and friends.

Thanks Again, Anita and John
Sharon, Ontario
Susie May 3, 2017 4:49pm

Morning Dwayne, I'm having trouble with this stinkin computer....going to try this again.

We have had several people come look at the new generator and say how nice it is and what a neat job you guys did putting it in....our neighbor was very interested so hopefully he will ask for your info & he will become a customer....

Just wanted to let you know...apparently the hydro was off the other night but we don't know if it came on or not cause we were sleeping...lol....just knew it was off because the clocks were flashing...lol

Anyway have a great day and once again thanks...

Ian & Susie
Mount Albert, Ontario
Photo Coming Soon.....
Ian July 14, 2017  10:10am

From Verbal Feedback

Great Job on a difficult install (no space for the generator).  We feel 100% confident that we are power protected.  We won't worry about the sump pump ever again.

Aurora, Ontario
Dan T. June 16, 2017  11:17am

From Verbal Feedback

Love that I don't ever have to worry about the sump pump again. What a relief!!!.  Thanks for making the process so easy.  The underground gas line made everything perfect for the generator placement.  Although it was a little more money, the underground gas line is worth it.  Thanks Again.

Dan T. Woodbine Avenue
Queensville, Ontario
Markham House
September 2017
Toronto House
September 2017
King City House
October 2017
Stouffville House
September 2017
Sutton House
September 2017
Thornhill House
Oct. 15, 2017
Wind Storm - Generator powering the house when this photo was taken. 50% of Thornhill had no power for over 12 hours.
Pottageville House
October, 2017
Circuit Load Solution.  9 days from the first call to startup.  Quickest install ever!!!
Etobicoke House - December, 2017
Customer will plant 3-4 cedars to hide the generator and add some greenery for winter.

Thornhill House
November, 2017

Thornhill House - November 2017
Getting to dark, to early this time of year.
Newmarket House
November, 2017

Georgina House - Dec. 2017
Protecting this disable gentlemans' house.  No more cold, dark and uncertain nights at this house ever again.
Stouffville House - Dec. 2017
Ready to protect during the next snow fall.  This area has power outages all the time.
Mount Albert House - Jan. 2018
Ready to protect the well pump and heating system in this rural house.  No more cold, dark nights at this house.
Etobicoke House - March 2018
No More Sump Pump Basement Flooding at this residential house.
Toronto IT and Accounting Building for Toronto Cricket Club & Skating Club 
No more Server, Point of Sale and computer outages here!
February 2018
King City House - March 2018
No More Power Failures at this House.
3 years ago my wife and I decided to go with a generator installation company that was more than an hour away (Barrie) from our house. What a big mistake. We've tried numerous times to call them for service and they just wouldn’t return our call. They mentioned during the sales process that they would easily service our generator since they had several in the neighborhood. Some of my neighbors that I know have had the same experience of no return phone calls and thus no service. Dwayne at First Power Generators was terrific in handling our dilemma. He explained that there are just installers out there that are only interested in the installation money and no part of the after sale service part. I wish in hindsight we went with a company that was located closer to us and less than an hour away. Also I wish I went with a fully authorized Sales and Service Generac dealer from the start. What a huge headache and stress we had before we found First Power Generators. Dwayne repaired our generator and even fixed some warranty recall issues that were covered by the warranty and updated the firmware of the generators computer. Thank you very much for all your help. Dave from Toronto
Dave, Toronto
April 24, 2018
No more cheap portable gas generator protecting the sump pump here.  "No more worry and stress about the power failing while were are away from the house.  Sump pump works great on the automatic power generator.  We wish we did this years ago."
Dan - Sharon, Ontario
April 2018
Generac 16kW Whole House Solution
Automatically protecting this beautiful farm.
"Great job Dwayne and First Power Generators.  Easy to deal with and very professional.
Joe - Sharon, Ontario
May 2018
Work in Process.
Don and Sharon
Sharon, Ontario
May 2018
"We wish we had this a month ago during the very long power outage from the wind storm in early May 2018."
Holland Landing, Ontario
May 2018
Toronto project just wrapping up.  22kW generator backing up this house.
Bayview and York Mills

  Tom - Toronto, Ontario
June 2018
First Power was retained to fix this mess by the General Contractor, Electrician and Gas Fitter.  They had it all wrong and could have caused carbon monoxide poisoning to this family.  Now it is safe and reliable.  The homeowner is finally relieved and they got what they wanted.

  Eva - Toronto, Ontario
June 2018
First Power was called in to fix this wind storm damage (tree fall) and natural gas pressure problem.  The electrician got the wrong generator gas pressure and this generator would work go 15 minutes and then shut down unexpectedly.  The customer spent thousands trying to fix it and it was a gassing problem and not an engine problem.  Only generator experts understand the ENTIRE picture - Gas, Electrical and Engines.  Not just one of them.
  Lake Simcoe Estate - Keswick, Ontario
June 2018
Very difficult cable run at this Toronto house.  Hydro meter on the right and gas meter on the left side of the house.  We hide the cable very well.
Finch and Don Mills

  Robert - Toronto, Ontario
August 2018
The lights and heat will be on this winter at this Toronto house on The Bridle Path.  Another very tough cable run but we got it done in this 100+ year old house.

  Gary - Toronto, Ontario
August 2018
Only generator experts understand the ENTIRE picture - Gas, Electrical and Engines.  Not just one of them.  We got the job done at this King City house.

  George - King City, Ontario
August 2018
Toronto Condo project to keep the elevator and heating systems (600 volts) going and the hallway lighting, security system and cameras going during an power outage.  

November 2018
Toronto Condo
Country living is now fun during a power outage.  No more totally in the dark feeling.

Mulmur, Ontario
November, 2018
As always, we were the last trades in with the most codes to follow BUT we made it work to code.

Aurora, Ontario
October, 2018
Country living is now fun during an power outage.  No more totally in the dark feeling.

Bond Head, Ontario
October, 2018